Best Garmin Edge GPS units available to purchase for 2019

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Best Garmin Edge GPS units available to purchase for 2019

July 2, 2019 News 0

Cycling news roundup the best Garmin Edge GPS units obtainable to buy the GPS technology giant, Garmin, is no stranger to the world of cycling having been elaborated as a headline sponsor of the World Tour outfit Team Garmin from 2008-2015. Garmin’s sponsorship of a professional team characterized a huge leap forward for cycling at the time.

Which Garmin Edge should I purchase?

The 2019 Garmin Edge range includes five distinct models that cater for a wide variety of rider types. Which model is best for you to come down to a number of factors, such as riding/training frequency, cycling preference (mountain, cyclo-cross, road, or endure) and budget — the latter, of course, being a big determining factor.

Each Garmin Edge unit comes standard with a high level of monitoring software and specification that is available in two purchase options: bundle or device only. Buying just the device is the cheaper of the two options but auxiliary items such as cadence and speed sensors and heart-rate monitor are not included.

Scroll down to see cycling news roundup of the best Garmin Edge GPS units available to buy for 2019.

Garmin Edge GPS devices that you can buy today

Garmin Edge 130

Despite sitting in the lower rungs of Garmin’s product portfolio, the Edge 130 has a premium feel about it. As a training tool and navigational device, it’s just as accomplished as its pricier Edge brothers, minus a few bells-and-whistles.

What it lacks in a colour and touchscreen display, it makes up for in function — not that its resolution isn’t up to the task. In fact, the monochrome screen is as sharp as some of the colour screen options currently on the market.

The 130 is equipped to offer limited and basic navigational assistance via breadcrumb trail (there are no pre-installed base maps).

As a dedicated training device, it can display metrics such as power, cadence and heart rate as well as Live Strava Segments. What makes the Garmin Edge 130 such a stellar choice is the no-frills, do-it-all functionality at an affordable price.

Garmin Edge 530

The Garmin Edge 530 is the successor to the ever-popular Gamin Edge 520 providing the same levels of GPS connectivity and training metrics as before in a far more premium and connected package.

A collection of new metrics have been stitched into the interface to further bolster its credibility, such as ClimbPro which helps monitor your effort by displaying parameters like ascent and grade when you’re climbing.

Battery life is pegged at 20 hours which can be upped to 40 hours using Garmin’s optional Charge power pack, a boon for those who enjoy a big day out. But it’s the all-new on board processor that has taken things up a couple of notches, boasting improved performance and map-loading speed.

Garmin Edge 1030

The Edge 1030 is Garmin’s flagship GPS device. Of its many highlights, the most impressive feature is undoubtedly the ultra-sharp 3.5-inch colour touchscreen which provides a commanding and unobstructed view of the display.

As a navigational device the Edge 1030 does it all: from turn-by-turn navigation and warning prompts, to course creation and routing. Like its smaller siblings, it’s also compatible with Connect IQ, third-party applications and Garmin accessories such as Vector power pedals, the Varia Radar system and Virb action cameras.

At two years old, the Edge 1030 still looks appreciably contemporary and fits in with Garmin’s current design language. Yes, the new Edge 530 and 830 are just as capable but they’re aimed at a very different demographic and price point. The Edge 1030, on the other hand, is an object of desire — a top-of-the-range cycling computer designed for those who want one of the best on the market.

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