REI drops deals on Vivoactive 3 and Garmin Fenix 5 smartwatches

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REI drops deals on Vivoactive 3 and Garmin Fenix 5 smartwatches

June 21, 2019 Blog News Technology 0

Along with Apple and Fitbit, Garmin ranks high among the small handful of makers that have successfully fragmented into the crowded market for smartwatches (which, unlike smartphones, has not fairly caught on in a big way yet). Garmin is one of the biggest names when it comes to fitness-focused smartwatches, and makes some of the activity trackers best on the market today. Which is why these deals on the Garmin Vivoactive 3 and Fenix 5 smartwatches are worth a look?

Fitness smartwatches provide a lot of benefits for health-conscious users and outdoor adventurers, and full-featured models like the Garmin Fenix 5 can also do double-duty as both everyday smart wearable and an activity tracker. And with spring finally here – the March equinox officially marked the start of the season – a good time to jump on the fitness smartwatch bandwagon, and REI’s Garmin sale is the perfect chance to grasp one and save some cash.

Garmin Fenix5 Performer Bundle

The heavy and feature-packed Fenix 5 could be deliberated the leading of the Garmin smartwatch line-up. The Garmin Fenix 5 has everything which you want in a modern fitness watch, with the capability to track metrics including calories burned, distance travelled, sleep quality, and heart rate, and has preloaded activity profiles for a wide variety of sporting activities and exercises from swimming to golf. The Fenix 5 also operates as an everyday smartwatch, syncing with your mobile to deliver messages and alerts right to your wrist.

The Garmin Fenix 5 Performer Bundle would usually set you back $570 for the HRM-Tri chest strap and the watch, but a 25 percent discount lets you nab both for just $427 from REI. This saves you $143 and still comes in at $73 cheaper than the price of the awesome Fenix 5, which goes for $500 alone.

Garmin Fenix Chronos Titanium Smartwatch

The Garmin Vivoactive 3 and Fenix 5 are absolutely usable as everyday smartwatches, feature very sporty-looking designs. For something with an understated wristwatch and a more endless aesthetic that still packs the latest, greatest smart features, the Garmin Fenix Chronos Titanium is a great upgrade pick. It’s got a lightweight and outstanding all-metal construction based on its titanium case and band, while elastomer inner links secure it comfortably to your wrist.

The Garmin Fenix Chronos Titanium is an attractive high-end smartwatch with a premium price tag to match, but a whopping $300 discount lets you score this beautiful wearable for $1,200 during REI’s Garmin sale.

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